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An elegant and comfortable place where you can watch the time
passing by and appreciate the ever-changing light and breeze.
Set in the beautiful countryside of Awara, surrender to the gentle water of the hot springs.
Here you can relax and enjoy the abundance of nature’s gifts.
Remember that we have always been connected to the land,
and you can cleanse your body and spirit by immersing yourself in nature.


There are 17 guest rooms, all with partly open-air baths supplied by
natural hot spring water directly from the sources.
Please enjoy a relaxing time in your room.


Our kaiseki cuisine focuses on a wide variety of seasonal local ingredients.
For your comfort and enjoyment, we serve these traditional meals in your room.
Please enjoy the seasonal delicacies and feel the spirit of Beniya.


Awara Onsen has always believed its hot springs are a blessing from the sacred mountain Hakusan.
At Beniya, we use 100% natural hot spring water which constantly flows directly from the sources.
Please enjoy our particular hot spring water which feels good on your skin.