Onsen | 温泉

Natural hot spring water
flowing from the sources

Awara Onsen has always believed its hot springs are a blessing from the sacred
mountain Hakusan.
At Beniya, we use 100% natural hot spring water which constantly flows directly
from the sources and is available in all guest rooms.
Please enjoy our particular hot spring water which feels good on your skin.

A large communal bath to
enjoy with the natural scenery

70°C hot spring water flowing directly from the sources
Awara Onsen has a total of 74 hot spring sources.
In the garden of Beniya Garden, we have four privately-owned sources
where spring water at 70°C flows out at a rate of 70 liters per minute.

Large communal bath hours: 3pm - 10am the following morning

Bathing in Beniya Onsen spring water may be beneficial for
cuts, burns, chronic skin conditions, frail children, chronic gynecological conditions,
neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, muscular paralysis,
joint stiffness, bruises, sprains, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids,
oversensitivity to cold, convalescence from illness, recovery from fatigue, improving general health

Private partly open-air bath in your room

We would like our guests to freely enjoy Awara’s famous hot springs.
With this thought, we have installed a partly open-air bath in all guest rooms
where you can enjoy water from a different source than that used in the large communal bath.
This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a private bathing experience whenever you like and allows you the
luxury of time to appreciate nature.

Beniya’s official spring well numbers: No.15, No.16, No.17 and No.18
Spring quality: sodium chloride, calcium chloride spring (isotonic neutral high-temperature hot spring)